Thursday, February 6, 2014

ipad drawings

i've been living in Philadelphia for the past month or so and it's been a bitch of a winter. we've had bad snow and ice storms this past week and my house is going on 2 days without heat or power. the candlelight and absence of electronics has actually been lovely because i secretly hate technology and being plugged in all the time. however, last night it was too dark and cold to stay up so i went to bed at like 9pm. i couldn't fall asleep though, so i needed something to do, and it was too dark to draw on paper. my glowing ipad was the only thing with a bit of charge left, so i drew on that using a doodle app and my finger, until that too died, and i fell asleep.


  1. Which doodle app? There's some neat texture in the top one.

    1. a very fancy app called "doodle buddy" – and by fancy i mean not fancy one bit. kind of nice in its simplicity..